Million Dollar Payouts Up For Grabs for All Book of Ra Enthusiasts

Playing the chance game of Book of Ra is both a fun and rewarding experience for players. Elite players regularly win millions of dollars in prize earnings. Bets as low as $0.10 all the way to $400 are accepted across all the leading online casinos offering Book of Ra.

Getting Started

This game has captured the hearts of millions owing to the fact that it is also free. A Book of Ma player doesn’t need to download and install any additional software to get started. They just require an updated browser and a decent Internet connection speed to start the journey. Sign up with the leading online casinos and receive 100% free credit on your initial deposits.

Preamble to the Game

Book of Ra is inspired from ancient Egyptian times. The adventure takes you through the mythical journey of an American on his perilous quest for the Book of Mysteries in 4000 BC Egypt. It is prudent to learn what every symbol used on the board means, instead of hitting the automatic play button and banking on faith alone.

Game Rule

The game playing board contains five buttons. A button to set up the Payline, two start buttons and two buttons to place the bets. The playing board contains several symbols. These include the pyramid, explorer and the Pharaoh symbols.

To get started, press the ‘Start’ button to move the spinners randomly. After a short while, the spinners come to a rest. Newer slot machines come with the ‘Autostart’ feature. The latter makes it possible for the game to proceed automatically. All profits won are added to the starting capital and vice-versa. If your cash or reserve points get depleted the ‘Autostart’ functions comes to a halt.

Useful Strategies

Before the Book of Ra game begins, the players have to agree on the number of lines and the amount per round. The player needs to strike a delicate between gaining from the paylines and pursuing the Book of Ra. Today, most modern games will allow you to have up to 10 paylines. One needs to play a just enough number of paylines to ensure they capture all the diagonal spinners. The first player to line up 3-5 the symbols starting from the left Spinner wins the game.

The Five-Line Rule

As a beginner, always play it smart and safe. Rookies should have an average of five paylines on the board. These lines are the upper, middle and lower lines. Additionally, the player should add two V-shaped lines on the edges of the playing board. A savvy tip for beginners is placing the bets exactly five spaces from a particular payline.

Free Spins

The players have to master the art of using the free spins to earn huge profits. To get free spins, one requires to land on the book symbol on the board or possess at least 3 Books of Ra in their armory. The winnings from the free spins get multiplied by five. But you can forego the winnings to gain more books. These books increase the chances of lasting longer in the game. Billing a payline requires the player to match three to nine special symbols along a vertical rolling fields.