Are Online Casinos Legal?

Some states that are more conservative have banned gambling online, however prosecution is rare and no American has been arrested or indicted for gambling by the feds because there is no law against gambling online.


So there really is no federal law within the United Stated that prohibits gambling.

There are sites, like gclub, on the web that will provide the names of casinos where online gambling takes place; these are legal sites as the casinos are set-up outside the United States jurisdiction. The online casinos are not regulated in the same way as land-based casinos however, so it must be noted that it’s best to bet and play virtually with reputable online gambling sites.

Many people gamble from the comfort of their own living room online hoping to win some money with an online site that’s linked to a casino located offshore and outside US jurisdiction. The paradox and fact however is that most will gamble away their allotted budget and always lose the gambling money they set aside; it’s just how long will it take for that to happen?


There are many good online casinos although it may not be that easy finding an online casino with sports betting and poker. In order to get a better picture of the online gambling regulations it is important to take a look at the points below:

1) Several websites for poker online are regulated by US gambling monitors to make sure the site is not rigged with fixed games. Always remember that offshore gambling sites may not always guarantee fair gambling tactics and so the risk is up to the player.

2) The way to tell if a site is legal is to look for a licensing authority logo on the site. If the site is licensed by a US State it will also be listed by a website for gaming. There are also websites that provide details on online gambling jurisdictions and licensing authorities who regulate betting over the internet.

3) Poker, bingo and casino games are available online all day and all night. In fact many online gambling sites are more generous in providing player rewards than their land based casino counterparts. There is also a wider range of online games, providing a more diverse gaming experience.

4) It’s always best to make sure the online gambling site will accept US Dollars as you will have to declare your winnings online just as you do with land based casinos. In order for tax purposes, make sure you can access your win-loss ratio and gaming history from the US based gambling sites. On these sites state regulations make sure to check for fair gambling practices.


Internet gambling has its own global audience and legislation that covers the legality of the internet sites which vary from country to country, and even from state to state. Furthermore, the legislation also changes often and without any notice to the online gambler. It’s for this reason the individual should always make sure they’re putting their bets on a legal and reputable internet gambling site, and always remember you must be 21 and older to play, no exceptions.