Online Casinos – Are They Beatable?

Online casinos are indeed beatable and it’s not even that hard to do so; it just takes discipline (and some nerves of steel). While it’s true that the average player loses $200 in a given session at the online casino, players can and do beat those odds by paying strict note to a few key elements, namely: online casino bonuses and low-house-advantage games.

Why Online Casinos Can Be Beaten

Online casinos have extraordinarily lower overhead expenses than physical casinos. An online casino does not have the same property, staff, insurance or maintenance costs as a brick-and-mortar casino. Therefore an online casino is able to offer players greater incentives for their patronage. These incentives most commonly come in the forms of bonus rewards and improved player odds at the games.

How to Earn Online Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses are typically matching bonuses in which players receive a percentage match on a real money deposit they make into their online casino account. This equates to free money the player can then use to win more money, or even withdraw if any remains after certain qualifications are met. These qualifications are called “wagering” or “playthrough” requirements and require the player wager the amount of that bonus, and often the qualifying deposit as well, by a certain number of times and within a certain time frame.

So, for example, let’s say the bonus offer is a 50% match on a deposit of $100. You deposit the $100 and receive $50 more to play with, for a total of $150. Now let’s say the wagering requirement for this bonus is 20x. You must then wager $150 x 20 or $3,000 in order to withdraw any of the bonus or its winnings. But you don’t have to place that wager all at once. You can place smart, reasonable bets and redeem those bonus dollars perhaps more slowly but also more safely. You also don’t have to meet your playthrough requirements all on the same game.

Choosing Your Games & Checking the Odds

This is where low-house-advantage games come in. The house advantage is a numerical difference between the player’s odds of winning any given round of play, regardless of game, and the house’s odds of winning that round. In all casinos, physical and online, the house has this mathematical edge in every single game. But the size of that edge varies from game to game.

Many people go to the online casinos to play slots, but slots tend to give the house a very high advantage over the player. Some like taruhan bola, agen bola and sorts. Typically, card and table games like blackjack and craps have much lower house advantages. Therefore, if you meet your wagering requirements for a bonus reward at a card or table game, and you only place reasonable-sized bets, you can beat the online casino.

Pick the Right Online Casinos to Beat


If you’re going to try to beat the online casinos, be aware that not all online casinos are built alike. Do your research before you decide where to play. First compare the bonus offers. Make sure to find one that offers you the largest percentage match for the lowest wagering requirements. Check as well if certain games are ineligible for meeting these requirements, or if certain games only contribute a percentage of your wagers toward meeting those requirements. From there, simply compare the odds to find the games you have the best chances of beating.